The Thirteenth Tower

The Thirteenth Tower - Sara C. Snider I was given a copy of this ebook in exchange for an honest review. This review (and others) is also published at

This book was a delight from beginning to end. Essentially following Emelyn as she discovers her past, and therefore her future, The Thirteenth Tower is full of rich, detailed characters, and a wonderfully immersive world.

In the classic fairy tale structure, you have a pretty good idea what's coming as you move through the story, and it's no different here. But the way that it's told, and the neat little twist at the end, make you forget that it's a trope that you've encountered many times before. It's beautifully written from beginning to end, and manages to avoid a lot of the clich├ęs you might expect from a similar story, and I liked how the story steadily progressed from beginning to end, instead of having slow bits followed by super fast-action bits.

Our protagonist, Emelyn is very realistic and believable as she grows through the story, her confusion and innocence are incredibly well-portrayed, and her underlying strength is neatly developed as the story progresses. Cobbe was probably my favourite, and had me giggling on more than one occasion. The resident "bad dude", or "bad lady" in this case, caused the opposite reaction as her history unfolded, and I did cheer a bit when the actual bad guy got what he deserved.

All in all, a thoroughly delightful book, and I really look forward to seeing what else Sara Snider comes out with.