The Mountain Story

The Mountain Story - Lori Lansens You can find this, and other reviews, on my blog. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This was a beautiful story. Not in the “everything was peaches and cream” kind of way, there was plenty of sad stuff, but it was beautifully written and handled from beginning to end.

It was easy to identify with Wolf without having to experience the same things he had, and I really enjoyed his perspective on everything happening. I also really enjoyed the way the story was presented, it was balanced beautifully between the past-past and present-past (the book is written as a letter from Wolf to his son, recounting his journey to the mountain).

The writing style was wonderful throughout, Wolf’s voice came through clearly in each situation, and the whole thing flowed perfectly. As interesting as it would have been to see some things from another character’s perspective, I think the whole book would have lost its oomph if it was in anything other than first person.

It’s just a really great survival/coming of age type story and I recommend it to everyone.